Dot to Dot Festival ,Bristol

Arrived at Bristols floating Thekla Bar after a sodding nightmare journey up the M5  through caravans and volvos escaping to the coast for bank holiday weekend, got passes and straight into the venue to catch the ever fab The Cheek ,(last years cheeky Cheek and the Nosebleeds )Norfolks finest (after bernard Manning ) energetic set to a packed venue , can see these guys doing main stage festival circuit soon

Peggy Sue are next on and suffer from quick turn around syndrome when the singer struggles to hear herself on the monitors causing a three time start to song 2 ,apart from this hiccup the set is smooth with the  multi instrumental changes work well and keep the audience engaged .

A quick drive across Bristol to the Fleece for Goldheart  Assembly followed b

y the ever flamboyant Chapman Family , Goldheart are a kickback to 70’s chill out sunday music , moody blues and all that great sound slightly different to the onslaught I am waiting for now from the Chapman Family  (they need some guitars to smash up so send in your old ones ) 


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