*The Pixies*

*“**Acoustic & Electric Live**”*

On 23 August 2010, Eagle Rock Entertainment release the “Acoustic &
Electric Live” Blu-ray by The Pixies [Cat. No. ERBRD5063]. This is the
first Pixies release on Blu-ray and features extensive bonus features.

The Pixies are one of the most influential US acts of all time.
Initially spanning the late eighties and early nineties they created the
blueprint for alternative rock that would be followed and embellished
upon by everyone from grunge to Britpop. After 10 years apart the Pixies
reformed in 2004. This Blu-ray brings together two concerts from 2005:
their first ever all acoustic performance filmed at the famous Newport
Folk Festival and their Club Date concert: Live At The Paradise Club,
Boston. Originally released as separate DVDs these have now been
combined in their entirety onto a single Blu-ray disc.


* *

*Acoustic – Live In Newport*

1) Bone Machine 2) Cactus 3) Ed Is Dead 4) All Around The World 5)
Subbacultcha 6) Monkey Gone To Heaven 7) Is She Weird 8) Here Comes Your
Man 9) River Euphrates 10) Velouria 11) Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) 12)
I Bleed 13) Crackity Jones 14) Gouge Away 15) Hey 16) The Holiday Song
17) Nimrod’s Son 18) Mr Grieves 19) Caribou 20) Vamos 21) Where Is My
Mind? 22) Gigantic

* *

*Electric – Live At The Paradise, Boston*

1) La La Love You 2) Winterlong 3) Into The Night 4) Vamos 5) All Around
The World 6) Mr Grieves 7) Nimrod’s Son 8) In Heaven 9) Where Is My
Mind? 10) Gouge Away 11) Something Against You 12) Dead 13) Isla De
Encarta 14) Crackity Jones 15) Monkey Gone To Heaven 16) Wave Of
Mutilation 17) Subbacultcha 18) Planet Of Sound 19) Bone Machine 20)
River Euphrates 21) Alison 22) Sad Punk 23) U-MASS 24) Broken Face 25)
Debaser 26) Tame 27) Gigantic 28) Hey 29) Caribou

As well as the 51 tracks above, this release comes with a wealth of
bonuses. We include a photo gallery and a featurette from the Newport
rehearsals – which includes an acoustic version of “Debaser” which
didn’t make the final setlist. On top of all that, “Acoustic & Electric
Live” also features original home movie footage of the Pixies live at TT
The Bear’s in Boston from October 1986. This features a dozen more great
tracks: The Holiday Song; I’m Amazed; Rock A My Soul; Broken Face; I’ve
Been Tired; Caribou; Isla De Encanta; Nimrod’s Son; Ed Is Dead; Build
High; Boom Chickaboom; Down To The Well. This is a true wealth of riches
that no Pixies fan will want to be without.

*For more info on this and other Eagle releases please contact Chris
Hewlett PR on or 0208 348 6767*

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