Barclay James Harvest release DVD

Barclay James Harvest*

*“**Berlin** – A Concert For The People**”*

Eagle Rock Entertainment are proud to announce the release on 23 August
2010 of the “Berlin – A Concert For The People” DVD from Barclay James
Harvest [Cat No EREDV806]. This Barclay James Harvest 30th Anniversary
release features many BJH classics including: “Berlin”, “Loving Is
Easy”, “Mockingbird”, “Child Of The Universe”, “Life Is For Living” and
“Hymn”. This represents the first time any of this material has been
released on DVD and the first ever release for the “Time Honoured Tales”
bonus feature.

On 30^th August 1980, with the Berlin Wall still very much in place,
Barclay James Harvest performed a celebratory concert in front of the
Reichstag in Berlin for a vast German audience, estimated at 250,000.
Throughout the seventies Barclay James Harvest were one of the most
popular acts in Germany and this concert was presented as a thank you to
all their fans. Featuring tracks from the then soon to be released “Turn
Of The Tide” album plus classics from across their career, this concert
is a celebration of Barclay James Harvest at their very best and at the
height of their career.


* *

1) Berlin 2) Loving Is Easy 3) Mockingbird 4) Sip Of Wine 5) Nova
Lepidoptera 6) In Memory Of The Martyrs 7) Life Is For Living 8) Child
Of The Universe 9) Hymn 10) Berlin

The bonus feature on the “Berlin – A Concert For The People” DVD is the
original 1975 promotional film “Time Honoured Tales”. This features five
tracks from the “Time Honoured Ghosts” album: Jonathan; Titles;
Moongirl; One Night; Beyond The Grave. In this the 30^th anniversary of
the Berlin show, this DVD is a must for any BJH fan.

*For more information please contact Chris Hewlett PR on or 0208 348 6767***


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