Black Label Society release DVD

*Black Label Society*

*“**Doom Troopin’ Live*

*– The European Invasion**”***

Eagle Rock Entertainment are proud to announce the release on 23 August
2010 of the “Doom Troopin’ Live – The European Invasion” Blu-ray from
Black Label Society [Cat No ERBRD5062]. This is the first Zakk Wylde /
BLS concert to be released on this format, “Doom Troopin’ Live – The
European Invasion” was originally a 2 disc DVD, but is now all on a
single Blu-ray.

Black Label Society, is the brain child of guitar great Zakk Wylde.
Having graced the world’s stages for the last 20 years, both as Ozzy
Osborne’s right hand man and fronting BLS, Zakk Wylde has established
himself as one of the few remaining guitar heroes. “Doom Troopin’ –
European Invasion” captures BLS live on their sold out European tour in
2005 supporting their hit album “Mafia”. It contains the full Paris show
as well as extensive bonus features. Originally a 2 disc DVD it is now
presented in superb picture and sound quality on a single disc Blu-ray.


* *

1) Intro Solo 2) Stoned And Drunk 3) Destruction Overdrive 4) Been A
Long Time 5) Ironman Interlude 6) Funeral Bell 7) Suffering Overdue 8)
In This River 9) Suicide Messiah 10) Demise Of Sanity 11) Spread Your
Wings 12) Solo Acoustic Jam 13) Spoke In The Wheel 14) Fire It Up 15)
Stillborn 16) Genocide Junkies

This release is fully endorsed and approved by Zakk Wylde. A new Black
Label Society studio album will be released in August, BLS are playing
at the High Voltage Festival in London at the end of July.

*For more information please contact Chris Hewlett PR on or 0208 348 6767***

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