Wychwood blogged by Charley. Friday.

Friday afternoon and welcome to Wychwood. Things kick of on the main stage at 5pm with The Travelling Band, returning to Wychwood, but performing for the first time on the main stage. A great set of easy listening music; a fantastic way to get the festival started.

Next to take to the stage are The Leisure Society, a great band, who play a brilliant set.

Justin Currie follows, a band I’ve never heard of but really enjoyed, which was the general consensus from the rest of our little group. It’s bands like this that make me love Wychwood, a band that are relatively unknown but utterly brilliant.

The next act I go to see is Jim Lockey and the solemn sun, over at the Pomme stage. Having seen Jim support Frank Turner twice and being incredibly impressed both times, I was really looking forward to seeing Jim. And despite only having two thirds of the solemn sun (Joe Summers wasn’t there) I wasn’t left felling let down. A short but sweet set, Jim was excellent. Am looking forward to seeing him again, and the release of his album.

I return for the end of the Levellers, witnessing some rather embarrassing dance moves from my mother and co. Once the Levellers are over, we head over to the big top for the silent disco, possibly the best part to the weekend so far. Despite the slow start the atmosphere soon raises, with one of the stations playing some new music, and the other playing some 80’s classics, then swapping round a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever danced to such a variety of music in one night. On leaving the noise of the crowd singing along to the classics is unbelievable, I thought this was a silent disco?!

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  1. glo_worm says:

    For a longer set, with the full band… Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun’s launch party for their new album “Atlases”, is on Sunday 13th June at The Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham.

    2 support bands, and I’ve heard there’s a copy of the album included in the entry price. Woot!

    Apparently they’ll be playing the entire album live in their set, including the epic “Vessels”… Good times!

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