Saturday in the sun at Wychwood pt1

Arrived at Wychwood 11ish to find i wasn’t the first one here , infact its pretty packed already families with young children enjoying the child entertainment area, learning circus skills ,face painting etc.. The cinema is well attended as too is the jive lesson in one of the tents .

On the grass area infront of the mainstage are couples , singles families chilling out sme enjoying the sun others just recovering from the party of last night. Ball games and bubbles seem to be the order of the day for the youngsters here .

The sauna (ok press tent ) is a hive of activity already ,the Independents resident music critic Pierre is writing his reviews  for the Sunday paper , bloggers are typing away Daz and co are editing pics , good job I bought my own table as standing room only .

Sleeping with the Fishes kick of the days mainstage entertainment a light irish style violin and flute type music which encourages the more energetic members of the crowd to move to the front and have a jig , the majority remain horizontal though enjoying the music and sun

Its going to be a great day today…………

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