The Levellers show the way

Iconic Brighton based headliners The Levellers round of  the main stage on day one at Wychwood, although for the more hardcore festival goer a couple of hours bopping away in a big blue circus tent with headphones on is the order of the day .

Bang on time the folk punk icons stroll onto the stage and multi talented simon friend kicks off the show on lead vocals  taking the audience on a trip down memory lane to those drug heavy days of Stonehenge invasion mayhem ,(is it really 20+ years?)

All 6 members of the band are keen to please , its especially grewat to see violin playing  Jonathan Sevink on 2 good legs (last time I saw them he  had ankle in plaster and seemed uncomfortable) .

Playing anthem after anthem with a choir of hundreds singing along (including me)  the setlist was spot on , older classics mixed with newer stuff was all well received  and left all pleading for more .

My only regret is timings mean I have to miss local heroes Jim Lockey and Co on another  stage , Ny Daughter and up and coming blogger Charley was dispatch to cover it and will report her findings here in a minute

Congrats to Wychwood festival for having the foresight to finish a friday night , day one with such a crowd pleaser … roll on tomorrow , the  Happy Mondays have a hard act to follow,

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