Lightning Seeds bring football home

The Lightning Seeds take to the main stage early evening , amazing how many hits you have forgotten these guys have had”Ready or Not” · · “What If…” · “Sugar Coated Iceberg” · “You Showed Me” · “What You Say” ··“Life’s Too Short” · “Sweetest Soul Sensations” · “Song For No One” · “Ghosts” · “Don’t Walk On By” and the iconic 3 lions on my shirt . Party time keeps on going on and on ,

Sounding fantastic live ,Ian and Co seem to enjoy the late Cheltenham sunshine as the sing along grows and grows   with shouts of 3 lions  ringing out between songs.

The end of the  set nears the Seeds leave the stage leaving Ian and guitar for the moment everyone has waited for , and not to disappoint the guitar starts with the familiar cords to massive  massive cheers the hairs on the back of the neck stand up as the whole audience sing along to its coming home , continuing long after Ian has left the stage , so far the classic moment of Feastivals 2010

see video of  this on my website


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