Wychwood Sunday

After a lazy start I arrive at Wychwood in time tocatch the Irish  sensational band ” Kila” real Gaelic music performed in the native tongue . in an array of pipes ,drums and whistles , the audience seem a bit slow to get up and into this ,however after a few songs there a few jiggers enjoying the show.

Just before the set ends the heavens open and there is the most almighty downpour the full monty  including thunder and lightning . a river flows through the press tent causing computers to be unplugged and bags lifted to higher places , the hardcore fans use deckchairs for shelter others retreat to the big top or any other shelter they can find,  then as suddenly as it starts the clouds move on and the sun returns and the front of the mainstage prepares for Ade  Edmonson and the Bad Shepherds.

Ade and Co arrive onstage and persuade the audience to bahhhhhhh like sheep before launching into their folked up version of  the Sex Pistols classic song Anarchy in the UK , PLC;s  I could Be Wrong, The Jams Down In the Tube Station At Midnight and other classic punk hits all folked up the Shepherd way, Ade cracks jokes with the audience between songs bring roars of laughter. As much as I love watching this band the setlist is getting a bit stale now maybe a few new songs would improve the set? maybe its just me.

Next up on mainstage are The South which turn out to be the highlight of the weekend these guys should have been headline Saturday ,The South ,or as they used to be known the Beautiful south take the stage with classic hit Old Red Eye , this is followed by 2 songs new to me Closer than most and Don’cha.

the rest of the set is like a trip down memory lane with such classics as Little more time,Everybody’s talking, 36D, Rotterdam, Perfect 10,  Song For Whoever and  We are Each Other before finishing the set with Don’t Marry Her, Keep it All In   and Good as Gold, Bloody amazing it was like they had never been away couples hugging singing along old and young alike smiling , dancing, singing , cheering ,this is what Wychwood is about, this is what festivals are about , bringing people together to enjoy and celebrate music .When I meet the band afterwards I am given the setlist which although I would have loved I ask the tour manager to get it signed and given to Lisa Coleman !/2 of the extremely talented and all round lovely people that are Puttyfoot photography (Lisa had been emotionally watching the band reliving happy memories) this done the band come out for pics and a quick chat (here I find out there is a chance of a tour please in the name of all things holy some promoter sort it )

Seth Lakeman is next up the highly motivated fiddler has come on leaps and bounds since I saw him perform live, his band is tight and Seth and Co put on a fantastic performance to an ever thinning crowd work and school monday means the punte3rs have to return to reality .

After a chat with Dan and Co from Ideal PR (who have all done a great job looking after us all weekend) its home time for me too another year another great Wychwood…..Well done Graham and all the team that bring this ever growing family friendly event, shame it cannot be a week long festival

Pictures and Video are on view via http://www.concertphotography.co.uk

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