Well i always thought BONO and me were pretty simular now its proven.

WE are both now missing Glastonbury this year due to surgery him on his back me on my wrist to say i am gutted is probably the understatement of the decade , due to deteriating health , this was to be my final year on the festival circuit with Glastonbury being the jewel in the crown alas yhe pain gods played their trump card which saw me crying with pain monday and admitted to hospital, at least i am given a private room with beer fridge and telly, great for the world cup just the pain is annoying

Michael Eavis got Gorillaz  to replace Bono and co I have an equally well talanted replacement in ROB BALL   a Glasto virgin but top snapper who i must thank for stepping in with such short notice

had surgery yesterday on left wrist not sure what damage has been done to it as its in plaster now ,turns out i have gout in it and blood tests reveil a non specific infection.

going to stop typing now very light headed and giddy

will resume blogs reviews etc when releasesed

thanks for all the kind words of support

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