As our magical Cornbury moments loom large on the near horizon, now’s the moment for me to gush about a few extras that we’ve got in store for you this year.

Along with our usual lovelinesses we’ve got a bigger and better and more local artisan food market on Friday and Saturday, campsite acting sessions for the little ones on Saturday & Sunday morning, and a huge Oxford Wickerman to help with our overall karma.

Waitrose will be conjuring up some special cocktails, Loyd Grossman will be putting the sauce into Cornbury and we’ll even have a couple of tellies for those of you who can’t bear to be separated from the football.

Lots of our less well-known acts are up & coming faster than we’d imagined so if you want to be among the first to brag to your chums that you saw them before they were big make sure you catch some of these new stars performing over the weekend. Fisherman’s Friends, Joshua Radin, Tiffany Page, Jon Allen, Raghu Dixit, Lucinda Belle, Ben Montague & Danny & The Champions of The World – are all just bloody fantastic.

Cornbury festival 2010Also, to celebrate the past six years, our friends and loyal Cornbury fans at One Design have put together a rather fab book of our lovely festival spanning 2004-2009. To give you a little taste here’s a flick book and what they have to say:

You can’t bottle a moment, but you can take a picture of it. Many pictures. Since Cornbury began back in 2004 we’ve tried to capture the festival in words and images, and this year seems like the right time to turn our diary into a history of the Cornbury festival so far. We’ve produced a sumptuous book, full of never-before-seen photographs from each year, linked together with notes from our festival diary and postings from the festival forum.

Cornbury is about more than the bands that played – it’s about the buzz, the sun, the rain, the beautiful park, and of course… you.

All the best families have a family album, and this one is ours. Or do we mean yours?

Available at the festival for £20 at various locations around the site, obviously including the merchandising stall.

Thank you thank you for supporting us in this mad endeavour ……………………. and if you haven’t got your tickets yet don’t you think it’s about time you came to join us at England ‘s most beautiful festival ?

All the best

Hugh Philimore
Festival Director


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