Jackson Browne*

*“Going Home”***

Eagle Rock Entertainment are proud to announce the release on 20
September 2010 of the “Going Home” DVD from Jackson Browne [Cat No
EREDV809]. “Going Home” is packed with Jackson Browne’s classics such
as: “Doctor My Eyes”, “The Pretender”, “Running On Empty”, “Take It
Easy”, “In The Shape Of A Heart”, “World In Motion”, “I’m Alive” and
many more. This release also features guest appearances by Don Henley,
Bonnie Raitt, David Crosby, Graham Nash, David Lindley and Jennifer Warnes.

“Going Home” was originally broadcast on the Disney Channel in the USA
in August 1994 as Jackson Browne was touring following the release of
his acclaimed “I’m Alive” album. The live concert forms the core of this
DVD but it is intertwined with interviews and archive performances
telling the full story of his career from his start as a songwriter in
the late sixties, his breakthrough as a performer in the early
seventies, his political and ecological campaigning in the eighties and
up to his return to recording after a four year absence with “I’m Alive”.


* *

1) I’m Alive 2) Farther On 3) Doctor My Eyes 4) These Days 5) Birds Of
St Marks 6) Your Bright Baby Blues 7) Take It Easy 8) In The Shape Of A
Heart 9) Everywhere I Go 10) World In Motion 11) You Can Get It If You
Really Want It 12) Good Morning Little Mutant 13) All Along The
Watchtower 14) The Pretender 15) For Everyman 16) Lives In The Balance
17) Knock On Any Door 18) My Problem Is You 19) Too Many Angels 20)
Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate 21) Sky Blue And Black 22) Before The
Deluge 23) Running On Empty / Credits

Jackson Browne’s profile remains high, his latest album “Love Is
Strange” was released in Spring 2010 and was followed by European tour
dates. “Going Home” is a great release that will be welcomed by all his

*For more information please contact Chris Hewlett PR on
chris@chrishewlett.com or 0208 348 6767***


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