Thursday night at the Guildhall Gloucester, finds a near full hall waiting for Ian Broudie and Co. Support comes from local boy and member of Jim Lockey and the Solemn Suns , who puts on agreat show featuring tracks from his forthcoming album and draws applause from the people who ventured out the bar earlier enough to catch him.

9.30 sees the Lightning Seeds  florescent sign lit above the stage and Ian leads the band out and straight into Sense, Imaginary Friends and What if , all performed with the usual Seeds passion. The set flows nicely with hit after hit sang eagerly by the now slightly sweaty masses the suspended floor bouncing nicely in rhythm to the music

Requests are shouted during the song breaks Ian smiling intently and occasionally joins in the banter seems so relaxed , son Riley (yes as in the Life of Riley ) strumming the cords at his side ,keep it in the family Ian !!

All to quickly the set ends and the band retire to refresh before Ian returns  to start the encore solo before being joined by the rest of the band for the classic hit Pure a great encore anthem sang by most people there , the end of this song sees the band make their exit leaving Ian and acoustic guitar to announce that “during these worrying times we are going to sing a song about current affairs and its not the budget, feel free to join in ” before starting the best English anthem “3 lions” or as its known “footballs coming home” Every single person there seems to join in this making it one of those hairs on the back of your neck stand-up moments , you just know this is going to go down ae one of those all time classic Glastonbury moments mainstage Saturday , wish I was there ……..


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