Another night another trip to Guildhall Gloucester for another gig , this time with a car load of eager teenage girls looking forward to seeing the uniquely talented genius that is Kate Nash perform her Glastonbury warm-up show .

Kate’s Guitarist took to the stage for a short set first a mixture of rap and lead guitar which fills the hall of mainly teenagers with the older generation (maybe parents, maybe closet fans) further back , still this is nearer the bar bonus. I notice Kate’s partner Ryan Jarman, The Cribs frontman watching from the sideline and afterwards grab a quick chat with him . He tells me the band are also playing Glastonbury and are well up for it , look out crowd could get messy !!! a tour in the offing too !!! grab a few pics of him before getting ready for the Nasher.

The front of her keyboard is drapped a cover saying “A C*@T IS A USEFUL THING” ……why Kate why? your young audience really don’t need this foul language, my pics won’t make press either as they won’t print this . Still it gets a reaction from the parents which I guess was the aim (will Glastonbury allow it as the BBC are filming? )

Anyway down to the gig which kicks of with Paris Do Wah Doo and Mouthwash , Kate sat at keyboard grinning whilst singing , lapping up the loud crowd of adoring fans > After our permitted 3 songs in the pit I retire to the back to listen to the rest of the show , the crowd although very vocal are quite static maybe to hot? maybe in awe or maybe they are too busy holding mobiles and compacts in the air recording the show ?

The show ,punctuated by Kate’s noemal swearing continues through a pretty solidl set of new and old material the highlight for the crowd (and more mobiles then carphone warrehouse carry) has to be Foundations her classics hit . and ends by telling the females in the crowd to compose thier own stuff as the UK is short of female composors  and then ends the show with Pumpkin Soup and Kate stood on her keyboard.

After the show Sarrah (HER OF Guildhall fame) tells me the rest of The Cribs are there including the legend that is Johnny Marr and takes me to meet them, great guys easy to chat to and friendly. A few pics taken and I’m away home for a 3 hour editing session .

Overview, not my favorite music , very flat crowd but Kate Nash is a real showgirl and is sure to be a storm at Glastonbury


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