HIS pictures have turned people into overnight celebrities and he has rubbed shoulders with everyone from princesses to politicians.

But top photographer Barry Batchelor, 60, will retire to his Wotton-under-Edge home next month.

During a career spanning more than 40 years, some of his favourite shots was taken in Gloucestershire.

These images are some of his favourite images from an incredible career.

During torrential rain, he captured drenched 21-year-old Hannah Harbottle standing barefoot in the pouring rain outside Regent Arcade in Cheltenham town centre.

The picture, which was a hit with national newspapers, was taken from Barry’s car.

He said: “I had just got into my car when the heavens opened and I saw this girl standing in the road. She was caught out in the rain and looked directly at me.

“The expression on her face summed up her feelings well.

“She was running away from me so I didn’t find out her name, but her mum saw her picture and contacted me.”

Barry was introduced to photography by his father at the age of 11.

He worked at many newspapers and also operated as a freelance, before spending the remainder of his career at the Press Association.

He has photographed the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and many other members of the Royal Family, prime ministers including Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron, plus celebrities including Liz Hurley. He said: “I have great memories of taking pictures and I get a buzz from seeing work published.

“I’ve learnt that you must be alert and look at the technicalities of a picture before getting the subject into the frame.

“Photography is a difficult talent that often requires you to grab as much as you can from one short moment.”

Barry intends to spend his retirement snapping things he didn’t have time to when he worked full-time.

“I won’t be giving it up because I see photography as a hobby, rather than a job,” he said.

On a personal note Ihave had the honour of working along side Barry on many occasions and I wish him an extremely happy retirement…jules


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