CORNBURY FESTIVAL 2010 is here once again ,this year new PR company, new foodstands, new weather !!!!

Yes this year the sun is shining brightly over the festival which seems to fill rapidly this year,  Jamie Oliver has his new festival food kitchen which I takea tour off (no freebies though) at £7.50 for a small pasta and meat me thinks its a tad non starter though and during the day the lack of queues seem to agree .

The Press office is rammed  with the normal faces of her maj’s finest music photographers a 15 snappers in pit per band is soon scrapped as the pro’s threaten to leave if not allowed in !!! Hugh Philimore pops in to say hi seems a happy man this year, there is a new book featuing highlights from the 1st 6 years (including a quote from yours truly , fame at last) looks pretty good book never did find where to buy one though (Hugh please can I have one?)

Anyway the music …..

1st up Mercury signed  Tiffany Page a very sexy  guitar slinging young lady and band who explode into energy with her power pop songs on the mainstage  . Younger members of the crowd are soon up at the barrier and receive her set pretty well , look out for this future hitress

A walk up to the second stage and the New Forbidden Loyd Grossman’ s new a family friendly easy listening soft rock pub band which draws a fairly large crowd , not sure if they would be there if Loyd stuck to cooking though , still although some early monitor problems seemed to effect them , Loyd and Co enjoy their set as do the crowds I didn’t stay for long opting to edit some pics to get out so returned to the press area.

Joshua Radin , whom I never heard of appears next on the main stage to screaming young fans (both males and females screaming thier undying love ) hmmmmmmm I’m getting old me thinks. Turns out this American folk singer is also a bit of an actor both big and small screen   Joshua enjoys the crowd as much as the crowd enjoy Joshua and it shows with a great easy listening set  .

Next up for me is the legend that is Buddy Guy, I’ve been waiting to see Buddy play his guitar ever since sitting in Legends in Chicago  sharing a  beer  with him and listening to blues live and raw. Buddy strolls onto the stage grinning from ear to ear before taking Cornbury Festival to another level never reached here before. His slick Blues and Chicago twanged vocals  brings the largest crowd mainstage I’ve ever seen here all standing in awe cheering and clapping , even more when buddy leaves the stage and plays his guitar walking around the audience . Loyd Grossman joins us in the pit maybe studying for techniques for his band? to say this is the best show I have seen this year is no small thing but yes I have to admit it is , chatting with Hugh afterwards I beg him to bring Buddy back next year (cant tell you the response but maybe  2 years !!)

Leaving the main stage a stroll up to the second stage for Candi Stanton is a bit of  an anti climax now , sorry Candi not your fault but after Buddy not easy to follow , a tight outfit though and Candi’s soulful voice is still powerful and full of emotion

Back by the mainstage I catch Tiffany Page and band doing an accoustic set for Radio Oxford sounded great (see my videos on site) before returning to the pit in time for The Noisettes another massive hit with the family fueled crowd the smaillest on tiptoes trying to see over the barrier . Shingai Shoniwa and Co  are so energetic with a balloon filled stage , Shingai uses every inch of the stage dancing and playing the Bass .

More blues of the honky-tonk style next up with another legend in the shape of Dr John and the Lower 911top-hat red coated Dr John takes to the stage along side the legendary jazz player  Chris Barber and roars through his set on both keyboards and guitar , Cornbury has pulled all the stops out this year

And to keep up the tempo next is the good time band that spawned legends Jools Holland and Paul Carrick  as well as founder members Chris Difford (guitar, vocals, lyrics), Glenn Tilbrook (vocals, guitar, music) Squeeze take to the stage and lead the crowd through a sing-along of hits stretching back to the early 1970’s .

Tiredness is  now my enemy that and aching bones so I opt not to wander up to shoot Imelda May but stay in the press room and relax before catching the headliner David Gray who makesa second visit to Cornbury . This time his set seems more energetic and enjoys his only UK festival slot .

So Cornbury or as its dubbed “Poshstock” is now 6 years old this year it lives up to its name with visits from our Prime Minister David Cameron ,and Motormouth Jeremy Clarckson both of whom I miss a real family fun festival with so much to see, try, buy, listen to, drink , watch but most of all chill out to.

next year hurry up although I am not sure how Hugh will top this year……..

loads of images up on my site now



  1. Lisa Coleman says:

    Good review, Jules look forward to reading more of them!

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