OFF DOWN THE MOTORWAY TO Weston-Super-Mare  early Sunday morning for another of my favourite events of the Year T4 on the Beach which always has the cream of modern music on display.. this year is no different .

Parking up I ask one our boys in blue if its safe to leve my car where I am parked (last year myself and 10 other cars including a wheelchair bound woman were towed away after some herbert had removed the no parking cones cost me £150 and nearly my family thanks guys) Yes I am told so struggle to walk the short distance to the collection point ,listening to Jedward sound-checking on the way maybe my hearing is getting bad but they sound almost OK !!!

after dropping kit off at press office i venture out to the arena to watch the Pineapple studio people rehearse the opening sequence wow they are good  and flexible , brings tears to your eyes!!!

backstage waiting for the show to start Pixie Lott takes full advantage of the free shopping trip her people carry several bags of goodies away , Pixie chats with several snappers and seems pretty happy, I spot George Craig of One Night Only hanging out a car window so we have a chat before he’s whisked off to who knows where…….

1st up on the  main stage is the human atom bomb Dizzee Rascal who although its only midday gets the 40,000+ watching bouncing , jumping and screaming , so near the sea im surprised there is no tsunami warning issued , it desn’t matter how many times you see this guy you can not stop  getting carried away with his energy ….infectious and yes bonkers….

Skins vs Pineapple sudios is 1st comp of the day , Ollie from Skins shouts hi down to me and gets his team complete with massive heads to pose up for me before the game starts…. bursting massive confetti  filled balloons with pins hidden in the heads .

Ellie Goulding is up next sound not brilliant she seems pretty lost up on the stage and doesn’t venture out to the catwalk.. still very sexy though !!!!

Time to edit a few pics so back to press tent where editing is interupted by various arrivals of celebs fir pic sessions , Chipmonk, Tinie , Tinchey all breeze through all pretty chilled ….

My next live act onstage are Scouting for Girls who blast out their hits to screaming girls frontman Roy Stride running round the walkway like a lunatic note perfect always like this lot ,looking forward to seeing again in 2 weeks

Following quickly after the Scouters are the delicious Saturdays minus Mollie King who had been bitten by a horse fly and is suffering from cellulitis painful I know from experience. who start their slot on the main stage before venturing out to the walkway for thier latest release aptly named Missing you which is  dedicated to Mollie ,cute

Basshunter and sexy dance troop follow on prancing about in his usual manner watch a few seconds before escaping to the press area for a quick catch up One Night Only’s George tuns up for pics ,we catch up on the past year hope thier new album becomes a hit.

Another game takes to the stage Louie and girls from Pineapple studios are wearing massive “Peter Crouch” boots very funny Louie is a very funny man who knows how to entertain the masses

Pixie Lott is on the stage by the time I get back out ,One sexy lady with voice to match.  Her presence onstage has the press pit pretty rammed funny that lol, her voice is wonderful her outfit sexy her gold key opens what I wonder ….she carries a flower for the first song and a half before bending down and presenting it to one lucking fellow who calls his undying love to her (he had also told the Saturdays the same a tad confused about love I think) before finishing his set.

Backstage again to edit when the Scouting for Girls guys arrive for pics , strange snapping them whilst watching them “live” on the telly monitor, The Saturdays tour manager comes over to me and asks if I have seen them ,turns out he’s managed to loose them not an easy task !!!! unfortunately I can’t help shame Jls arrive for pictures a mass scrum evolves for pictures and interviews only surpassed when the errant Saturdays are rounded up and ushered into our inner sanctum. Basshunter  os next in ,after snapping him his make-up man checks my pics to make sure Jonas looks his best another surreal moment.  Closely following Jonas are Skins cast and Hollyoaks cast not that much interest in them from the snappers  but I take time to get some portraits. whist all this is going on Jedward are bashing out ghostbusters before finishing early to a chorus of boo’s , turns out Edward has damaged his knee badly and after trying to finish the set collapsed and is whisked off to hospital fair play to him showing such a brave commitment to the cause

Before I leave (early as I am now in quite a bit of pain and feel the need to get home to pain killers and cider) Kids in Glass houses drop in and are my last snaps of the day should have stayed I know however health must come 1st so I say bye to bye mates and struggle back to the car.

T4 is a wonderful day out for both fans and bands and has taken over from those iconic Radio 1 roadshows we all used to skive school to go see the classic acts of the day….shakey….bros…..wham… Oh the good old days !!!!!

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