Well where to start?

Lets kick off with a moan and a groan ………. why advertise Camp Bestival as a 2 day  event and then have acts all day Friday ?  If I was a punter and had bought a family pass for 300 quid + I would be pretty pissed off to finish work friday rock up to the festival and discover I had missed such great acts as Tinie Tempah , Dan Le Sac and Mr Pip, Example (who I missed) and others ….. I know the site won’t list times so the public have to buy programs  but come on at least give us a clue as to which days acts are on …

ok enough whingeing for now

Set off from home midday with the challenge of getting to the pit in time for Tinie Tempah (we discovered via facebook he was on at 4.30ish ) traffic good all the way so set up camp and arrive at mainstage at 4.15 ,,,, no need to rush Tinie was caught in traffic  and arrived an hour late m ample time for the youth in the crowd to swig down their cans of Fosters and Strongbow and bombard us with their empties nice.

Tinie finally made to the stage and straight into his shortened set which is well received by all , straight after the show he is back in his people carrier where I catch up with him for a quick chat and arrange to meet in Jersey in a months time …

Next up we have The Fall a band I just do not get 4 talented musicians and an older dude who seems to just shout down his microphone , guess others love it but I may be getting a tad old .

Now the same cannot be said for Marc Almond the iconic  80’s  frontman , his camp ways and appearance a tonic  did he really perform so many classic masterpieces? it’s amazing  how you know the tunes but forget who sings them . Marc donned in dark suit and red scarf makes the stage his own and leads the now older crowd through his repertoire and leaves the crowd ecstatic pleading for more also not to be .

Last up for me is George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic who saunter on to the stage seemingly when they feel like it at an open night session in your local , the show however is amazing like a 3 ringed circus something happening all the time , blink and you miss it , changing instruments and costumes constantly its hard to keep up , the beat  however is pure 70’s/ 80.s downtown funk at its very best and George and co are all smiles and seem to be loving it (ok there were some tech issues for the 1st 10 mins but even this seems part of the general melee )

All in all this family inspired festival delivers its usual happy smiley atmosphere now bring on the rest of the weekend



  1. Ade says:

    Camp Bestival has, since its inception, been a three-day event and is always advertised as such 🙂

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