NEWSFLASH  ,,  Discovered there are two 5 O’clocks in a Sunday , unfortunately I am woken at the AM one not the PM ….. still c’est la vie

After a dodgy shower, coffee and take away cooked breakfast (cheers sis) we pack everything up ready for a speedy exit later before getting to the main stage in time for the ( please don’t spread this around but I was impressed) highly entertaining childrens favourite Mr Tumble who after a rather cute rendition of the Amy Winehouse classic Rehab by a group of infant school children (sounds dodgy that , infant school kids singing about rehab ?) gets the audience singing along to classic kids tunes like the okee cokee and heads and shoulders knees and toes .

New York country gal Nell Bryden plays her graceful blend of blues, country / modern Dixie and jazz to an appreciative if not sparse crowd  looking forward to catching Nell when she tours the UK later this year

There are many well established pairs in this country , Salt and Pepper , Richard and Judy, Peaches and Cream and of course the legends that were Chas and Dave , all national institutions so its with a trepidation that I find myself front of house for Chas and his Band .how will Chas cope without Dave ? will the setlist be the same? no need to worry Chas seems to have adapted to life without his old pal Dave pretty well . Donned in a tailed DJ  jacket Chas pleased the ctowd with many of his most famous tunes together with a coulpe of newer ones I didnt know

Sunday afternoon contines to drift by with the The Israeli funk and groove ensemble “The Apples” whose heavy brass quartet, drum and double bass keep the funk beat going  over the 2 DJ’s mixes ,an interesting concept which works remakably well

After popping to the Wurzels dressing room for a quick photoshoot I just about catch the amazingly talanted Hypnotic Brass Ensemble who make sweating and dancing to swinging brass instruments hip again . Amazingly the eight brass players are all sons of the Chicago trumpeter Phil Cohran (drummer Christopher Anderson makes nine) maybe this is the reason for such a tight sounding outfit?

The Wurzels amazingly have been around since 1966 , named after mangelwurzel, a crop grown to feed livestock by group founder Adge Cutler . They are still incredible value for money , with their catchy singalong  tunes and witty smutty banter between tunes they bring with them sunshine  to Ludlow Castle I’m pretty sure if you were sat on a beach in Weymouth this weekend you would have heard a chorus of “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester”

Calvin Harris is reported to have upset members of another band who if rumours are to be believed locked him in a backstage  portaloo (his twitter comment “Today I’m in a place full of intolerable bellends. Can anyone guess where I am?” didn’t endear him to some, however his stage show is as usual energetic and crowd pleasing the younger guests retuning to the front to shout along to his well known tunes a great high energy performance

How many classic hits did Human League have , I must be getting old as I have forgotten more tunes then I  can remember , they come flooding back as hit after hit from Phil Oakey  and Co are belted  out.  Love action, Mirrorman, The Lebanon, Don’t you want me baby ? all sound as they did when Mr Oakey had hair  alas the set is over way too quickly (45 mins ) with the calssic Together in Electric Dreams.

Whilst waiting for the Friendly Fires to take the stage the crowd amuse themselves with launching Japanese Lanterns , most drift harmlessly into the evening sky a couple however either get caught in the trees or come within a few feet of the main stage canopy , fortunately the snake-hipped Jaggerish fronted Friendly Fires are ontime  and the crowd return to the reason for being there.  The St Albans based band are as ever highly energetic  and musically  now complete with backing brass section the Friendly Fires confirm that they’ve well and truly put the fire back in the disco.

This is my last act of the weekend so after a quickthanks for everything and   farewell to those ever helpful PR gurus at Get Involved its back to the car and away home to my comfy bed .

How to sum up Camp Bestival?  easy

Picturesque , Great value, Family friendly, Entertaining , Unmissable . Thanks Rob da Bank and Co Looking forward to 2011 already

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