Big JA to C B “fancy doing The Big Chill” now based on my knowledge of Big JAs dance skills he wasn’t suggesting a quick strictly,therefore
it had to be The Big Chill Festival. So armed with the Concert Photography sat nav, directions on the back of a fag packet, I set off. Amazingly I arrived at Eastnor a couple of hours later, all be it via Hereford.
The site is huge,but easy to find your bearings. I arrived at the press tent and was cordially greetings by my fellow snappers, and then the serious business of Fridays bands. These days festival organisers  seem to try and cover many musical bases ,and so it was at the Big Chill.
Fridays main stage line up, ranged from Tinarlwin from Mali through to the brilliant Thom Yorke from Wellingbourgh via Mike Patton from USA to Massive Attack from Bristol. All were outstanding, but Mike Patton Mondo Cane & the Heritage Orchestra, were to say least a surprise,
If you were expecting a Mr Bungle what you got was Mr Bonnetti. Good old Mike crooning songs that would have made the Venice Gondoliers proud. Accompanied by a string orchestra, the result was magical.Specially outstanding on the Revellers Stage were The Phenomenal Handclap Band,from US stable Truth & Soul label not a catchy name but a very tight band.
Driving back from the first day in the rust bucket I  could not get Mike Pattons vocals out my it was ten chorus of Volara and a motorway Pizza on the way home.
Guardando al domani, e altre sorprese presso il grande freddo

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