X in the City The world’s largest participation action sports event comes to ExCel –
SPIKED X in the City takes place from 22-24 October 2010 and is the
perfect opportunity to have a day out and get the adrenaline flowing!
There are 9 zones of action covering the elements of land, water and
snow over 153,000 sq feet, 31 sports to watch and try, competitions,
demos, and over 200 elite athletes, pro riders and emerging talent
showing off their skills on the ramps, tracks, courses, walls as well as
in the cage and pool. The main zones are Ride & Roll, Freestyle,
Water, Art of Combat, Rock & Roller, Snow, Parkour, Cage Cricket and

Team Extreme and Streets United will be at X in the City with their
teams of high-profile riders and champions, Uniwake will be running
comps, the London and Windsor Roller Girls will be battling it out, you
can watch the Science Junkie Live Show and understand the role of
science in extreme sports, you can take part in the ION man, watch
streetboarders and snowboarders doing big air jumps, try freerunning on
the world’s biggest bespoke Parkour course or take part in the Parkour
Global Gathering, pick up some Muay Thai moves from the experts, watch
the speed and freestyle slalom comps, meet and learn from elite
athletes, have a go yourself or just soak up the adrenaline-filled

Advance tickets are £10 for students and £15 for adults (+ booking fee)
for the full 3 days, there are no further costs for the have a go’s,
master classes and workshops. Visit www.xinthecity.co.uk for the full
event details and to buy tickets, and join
www.facebook.com/XintheCityLondon for continuous updates and news


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