Another drive up the A40/M40, twice in the same week , this time 4 1/2 hours due to monsoon weather , I arrive at Camden Lock Tavern to see the Skinny Lister EP launch party .

The venue is in an intimate upstairs room at the Tavern I arrive in time for a quick drink with Lizzie (Evans Above Pr) and catch up with the band who have made it here via various locks and waterway adventures , Howard Marks is supposed to be reading a poem and introducing the band .

The band is due on at 9 however due to double booking with some band called the Libertines who want to host their after gig party here everything now becomes a rush ,no Howard still most of us are here to see the band anyway

As the stoneware flagon full of rum is passed round the room the band take the stage and perform various tunes from the EP and other older material and soon has the now rammed room clapping singing and dancing  making photography almost impossible, still a sing-along is always fun so photography is limited . The band finish with a ditty penned by Lorna’s dad and even though everyone bays for an encore the resident DJ fires up some tunes signalling the end of a short but  very sweet intimate gig .

As the band hands out the limited edition free EP (in hand stitched cases) I catch up with Aidan and Co from Get Involved PR  who are here to support fellow PR guru Dan whilst waiting for Adam Child and his rather beautiful girlfriend Coleen Connolly to arrive fashionably late enough to have missed the show , still its great to catch up with them , even of only of a short time.

Everyone is ejected from the venue by 11 O’Clock before the chosen few with wristbands are let in to celebrate the Libertines Reading/Leeds warm-up gig, I hang around long enough to catch Andy Boyd , Pete Doherty’s  manager who after I comment on how much fitter he looks after his forced break  decides he could “have me now” before he changes his mind ,bless him before I drive the 100+ miles home , A pretty good night really , could have got quite attached to the Rum shame I had to drive !!!

Watch out world Skinny Lister Is going to be a house hold name soon , hope the rest of the canal trip is a success


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