Heaven & Hell “Neon Nights – Live At Wacken” DVD and CD releases

Heaven & Hell

Neon Nights – Live At Wacken

DVD and CD releases

On 15 November 2010, Eagle Rock Entertainment release the “Neon Nights – Live At Wacken” from Heaven & Hell on DVD [Cat. No. EREDV823].   This live set also receives a simultaneous CD release on Eagle Rock’s new rock label Armoury Records [ARMCD531].

Featuring many classic tracks including “Mob Rules”, “Children Of The Sea”, “Neon Knights” and “Heaven And Hell” plus the only live recordings of tracks from “The Devil You Know”.  “Neon Nights – Live At Wacken” was filmed on the last ever Heaven & Hell tour; although nobody knew at the time, it was to be Ronnie James Dio’s last filmed concert appearance before his sad death in May 2010 from stomach cancer.

This is a truly fitting tribute to one of the legendary voices of rock, as Heaven & Hell were on fantastic form and played a rapturously received set that blended tracks from the newly released album with classics from their Black Sabbath days.  As well as a simply stunning performance, the DVD comes with bonus interviews with all four band members reflecting on 30 years from the release of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell” album.  “Neon Nights – Live At Wacken” also includes newly recorded personal tributes from Tony Iommi, Vinnie Appice and Geezer Butler in memory of their friend and colleague


1) E5150   2) Mob Rules   3) Children Of The Sea   4) I   5) Bible Black   6) Time Machine   7) Fear         8) Falling Off The Edge Of The World   9) Follow The Tears   10) Die Young   11) Heaven And Hell       12) Country Girl   13) Neon Knights

There will never be another Ronnie James Dio, yet his work and legacy will undoubtedly live on.  “Neon Nights – Live At Wacken” is but part of that body of work but this snapshot of a magical performer doing what he did best serves truly to emphasise the indelible mark that he made on the world of Rock and far beyond.

For more info on this and other Eagle releases please contact Chris Hewlett PR on chris@chrishewlett.com or 0208 348 6767


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