Better the Devil You Know book release

Better the Devil You Know

D7 Church has released a shocking book this week exposing the awful past life of the Executive Pastor.  Most pastors appear to have a perfect life and preach down to people about how they should be perfect too but not D7 Church pastors.  This Church has recently covered a series of live Q&A sessions in their Naked Preacher Series that allowed the people of Gloucester to ask the questions that they really wanted to ask.   In order to support the theme of being ‘naked’, Angela De Souza, the Executive Pastor of D7 Church has also released her book – Hope’s Journey. This coming Sunday, 17th October at 11:30 at the Gloucester Guildhall Angela will be sharing a little bit from her book in a message titled, “Better the Devil You Know”.

When asked why she has gone to such extremes, Angela De Souza said: “It is my desire as a pastor to help people find hope for their future.  If I hide away my past struggles pretending life is a breeze then how can I inspire others to have hope for themselves.  Hope’s Journey goes into my struggle with suicide attempts, self harming, depression, and abuse amongst other things in order to show the people in my church that it is possible to get free and lead a great life.  At D7 Church we don’t pretend to be something we are not.  We are honest and “naked” about who we are and how we managed to find ourselves in the awesome position we are in today.”

Although it is early days, they are already seeing results as the book is selling well in Gloucester through Angela’s blog or



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