The Wanted, the UK’s freshest new boyband, release their debut album ‘The Wanted – The Album’ on October 25th through Geffen Records


The 13-track album is a million miles away from your classic ‘stand-up-for-the-key-change’ and blasts off with #1 smash hit All Time Low, the boy’s anthemic debut single. Forthcoming single Heart Vacancy, which is released a week before the album on October 17th, has already been cited as another chart topper and tipped to be the boy’s second #1 in as many releases.


Max, Tom, Nathan, Jay and Siva have spent the past few months living and working together.   They travelled to Europe where they were co-writing and recording with some pop luminaries for the album.  From Danish pop maestro Cutfather (Christina Aguilera, Pixie Lott, Santana) and Rami & Carl Falk (‘N Sync, Britney Spears) in Sweden to hitmakers Steve Mac (Kelly Clarkson) and the legendary Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, James Blunt) based in the UK.


There’s a down-to-earth energy to the boys, which translates seamlessly into their music and creates a new sound, incorporating elements of low-slung beats, rock dynamics and modern pop melodies.  “I’d say it was edgy pop, but there’s a bit of rock and indie in there too” says Jay, “It’s taking a risk but it’s certainly not your usual boyband stuff”


Each track will surprise due to the sheer range of sounds within the album, stretching the pop-genre to its absolute limits, and as Nathan says, “We’ve got no time for cheese around here”.  Tracks which include the Guy Chambers produced Let’s Get Ugly with it’s spaghetti western sample, dirty baseline and a echo of a Robbie Williams-past, the more stereo-typically electro-pop of Say It On The Radio, the emotionally, heart-felt indie-ballads Golden and Hi And Low, and the Kings of Leon inspired, rock-filled Lose My Mind.


It’s this energy and span of sounds which means that within a few short months The Wanted have built up a huge fanbase. With over 9 million plays of their videos on Youtube and nearly 250,000 fans on Facebook, these boys have become one of the years biggest breakthroughs and are most definitely here to stay.


For further press information:

Asha or Becky @ Supersonic PR

E – / T – 0207 033 7992




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