The martial arts show live is coming


The Format
What you can expect at The Martial Arts Show ‘Live’ 2011!
The Lei Tai Zone

The Lei Tai Zone in 2011 is going to be breathtaking!

The Lei Tai is the traditional Chinese competitive/display platform and as such it will play host to an extravaganza of martial arts talent that will provide 7 hours of live demonstrations each day over the TMAS Live weekend.

Featuring many of the Worlds greatest Masters and practitioners that will provide spectacular displays and unbelievable feats of super human ability the Lei Tai is just one of the demonstration areas that will have you spell bound.

The Tatami Zone

Traditional Martial Arts from all four corners of the globe, the Tatami is the name given to a Japanese fighting platform and over the two days of TMAS Live, this years Tatami area will feature phenomenal martial art displays, primarily, from Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Malaysia and many other martial art nations from around the world.

Demonstrations and displays that are guaranteed to amaze and astound you, all undertaken by the worlds leading lights and most senior masters. If you are even remotely interested in Martial Arts , this platform will hold and captivate you for the full two days of the event.

The Ring Zone

The Ring Zone will see a huge army of competitors, exhibitions and demonstrations Punch, kick, elbow and knee their way into TMAS Lives 2011 selection of full on action!

World, European and British titles will be contested for once again and you can be sure that along with many faces that you may not be familiar with, there will be many more that you will recognise instantly, all live and all in the TMAS Live Ring.

Several of the Worlds leading organisations took part in last years event and this year, the only difference, will be that we will have a lot more of the same. So, get ready to be knocked out by spectacular full on bouts, action packed demonstrations, real fights, competitions of Boxing, Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing action!

The Seminar Zone

The Seminar Zone… from Karate to Kettlebells, Kung Fu to MMA!

Have you have ever wanted to train with some of the worlds leading Masters ?

If you would like to experience world class tuition at sensible prices or in many cases FREE, this area is dedicated to you.

With quite a few surprises lined up, make sure that you book early as space will be limited and very sought after.

The Cage Zone

MMA has taken the world by storm over the last 5 years and you can be sure to find out why first hand when you witness the many events that we have set to take place over the weekend of TMAS Live 2011.

Some of the worlds biggest names, greatest fighters and spectacular challenges will feature for the entire weekend in our TMAS Live cage!

The Q&A Super Stage

The Super Stage, a purpose built arena and flagship attraction will host some of the worlds most popular athletes.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity not only to ask any one of our guest speakers that burning question you have wished to pose, but to hear them speak about the arts they dedicate their lives to.

The Best of the Best will be in attendance over the weekend of TMAS Live, with some never before seen names in the UK appearing.

The Tournament Zone

2010 saw a massive amount of competitors compete in the many events that were staged and TMAS Live 2011 will be even more sought after because of last years success. With a very diverse and eclectic range of martial arts competitions lined up this area will once again prove to be very well supported.
The Cat Walk & Stage Area

Across this action packed and fun-filled weekend, you will have the opportunity to see ‘Live’, Martial Arts Superstars and Celebrity Megastars strut their stuff!

High kicking and back flipping their way across the stage, you will witness all the latest techniques, demonstrations, Martial Arts clothing and equipment that’s around today… and that’s not all!

With an incredible line up of Martial Arts talent on show, including true veterans of their arts from across the ages, you will have the chance to ask all of the questions you’ve just been dyeing to ask in our exclusive Question and Answer sessions, live on stage with many notable greats.

The Fun Fair & Martial Games Zone

A chance for you to have some fun with all the family.

If you have ever visited a show or event, and having taken your children with you, found little for them to do, you are in for a fantastic weekend.

Because not only will you and your children have an area dedicated to the family to do at the show, they, along with everyone else will have a great deal of fun in our exclusive Fun Fair Zone doing exactly what you would expect, from a Fun Fair!

Book Show Tickets
Tickets Available Now!
Standard Prices in Advance

Adult (Single Day) – £15

Children & Students (Single Day) – £10

Adult Weekend – £25

Child Weekend – £15

Family Weekend (2x A & 2x C)- £70

VIP Ticket Prices in Advance

Adult (Weekend Ticket) – £100

Adult (Single Ticket) – £75

Sorry but there are no concessions for children, students or OAP in respect to our VIP Tickets.

Book Tickets Here! Book Tickets Here
If you would like any further information about ticket prices, what you can expect to see, what your ticket(s) entitle you to or to tell us what YOU want to see… please read on and don’t forget to check our new site where you will find even more information about the show, competitions and lots of FREE ‘Give-a-Aways’!
Calling ALL Clubs, Companies, Schools and Associations!

Exhibiting at The Martial Arts Show ‘Live’ just got a whole lot easier!

History has shown that events that are financially driven always cater to the major players and ignore and in some cases exclude the smaller or grass root companies and groups. The Martial Arts Show Live is different because without the smaller or less commercially driven groups that exist, there would be no event like TMAS Live! So, if you’re a small club or group/association, we have come up with a way to quite literally provide you the opportunity to exhibit and play a part in TMAS Live for FREE, yes you read it right FREE!

Not only FREE but with all the components provided to make your stand and being at TMAS Live an easy affair including (stand build/shell scheme, fascia name board, carpeting and lighting). Simply call us now and discover how by buying some tickets to the event, we will give you a FREE stand.

Tel: 0121 351 6930

Exhibitor Info
Request an Exhibitor Pack HERE >
Visiting The Martial Arts Show ‘Live’ Has Just Got More Exciting!

Bigger, Better and with Twice as Much Action!
Where else could you take the family for as little as £10.00 each and see, feel and witness in live action the experience of seeing some of the worlds greatest martial artists?!

  • FREE Opening Ceremony Extravaganza
  • FREE Seminars with some of the worlds leading Martial Artists!
  • FREE ‘Walk In’ Workshops to stimulate new ideas and ways of training
  • FREE Entertainment throughout the whole show
    FREE Live Demonstrations across the 9 spectacular zones of interaction
  • FREE to Spectate ALL of our Tournaments
  • FREE to Spectate Stage & Cat Walk Zone
  • FREE Entry to The Funfair & Martial Games Zone
  • FREE Entry to our on stage Q&A Sessions (first come first served basis on the day)
  • FREE Autograph & Photo Opportunities with all our Martial Arts Celebs
  • Practically everything is FREE after you walk through the door*!
    (*except for what you may purchase from our many Exhibitors of course…)

So… whether your on your own, with a few friends or bringing the entire family…

Click Here to visit website! Book Show Tickets
Get Involved with TMAS Today!
T-MAS Invite YOU to Get Involved!

Got confidence, think you can work a crowd, want to know more..?
This year, we are holding auditions for various roles with-in The Martial Arts Show ‘Live’ in 2011! You could be working with the crowd, drumming up support on particular zones with-in the show and even have the chance to co-present with some of the biggest names in the industry today and if you’re really good, you’ll have the chance to work alongside some famous TV Celebs!

T-MAS Presenter

Are YOU the Next BIG THING?
Can you Command a Crowd?
Do you have what it takes to stand on stage in front of Thousands of people?

Join the elite T-MAS Team and Audition to be one of our Presenters! T-MAS Live are looking for FIVE lucky individuals to join their team of Presenters. Rub shoulders with the stars, interview celebrities, command a crowd. Not only will you be one of the STARS at the NEC youll also be in everyones front room as T-MAS Live hits our TV screens.

Download Application Form

T-MAS Model

Have you been blessed by the Gods?
Can you STRIKE a pose?
Does the Camera fall in love with you?
Have you always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine?

Join the Beautifully Gifted and Apply to be a T-MAS Model! T-MAS Live are looking for Five Boys and Five Girls to Join our Team. Be the Face of T-MAS Live, adorn the pages of Combat Magazine and Fighters Mag. You will need to have a martial arts background and be confident in front of the camera. You could be the next Gleaming Star

Download Application Form

T-MAS Martial Team

Can you flip & Trick?
Have you mastered all weapons?
Ever wanted to be on the red carpet?

This is your chance to JOIN T-MAS Martial Team flipping and Tricking your way to the TOP! T-MAS Live are looking for a Troupe of highly skilled martial artists to represent our BRAND. Be the STARS of T-MAS Live NEC, Trick along the Red carpet. This is your chance to shine!

Download Application Form

T-MAS Volunteer & Helpers

Join our T-MAS Team and see what really happens back stage! We are looking for help around the show, Feature Area Coordinators, Celebrity Assistants, Information Providers etc. It could mean free tickets for you and your friends. If you want to be part of the UKs largest Martial Arts Show…

Download Application Form

If you would like to find out more about this amazing opportunity, please email us with your name, address, contact details and reasons why think you would be suitable for the job!

Email Us:

Discounted Hotel Reservations Available From Our Website!
Working with The Solutions Company, we have been able to get you some great deals!

The Martial Arts Show 2011 Distance to Event Location on Map Distance to Rail/Tube Lowest rate
1. Crowne Plaza – NEC On Site Map 0.5 miles From £84.17
2. Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel On Site Map 0.5 miles From £62.50
3. Ramada Encore NEC On Site Map 0.3 miles From £58.34
4. Holiday Inn Express NEC On Site Map 0.6 miles From £49.17
5. Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport 1 mile Map 0.6 miles From £70.84
6. The Arden Hotel 0.5 miles Map 0.5 miles From £62.50
7. Novotel Birmingham Airport / NEC 0.5 miles Map 0.6 miles From £75.84
8. IBIS Birmingham Airport – NEC 0.6 miles Map 0.2 miles From £51.67
9. The Manor Hotel 5 miles Map 5.5 miles From £56.25
10. Windmill Village Hotel 8 miles Map 8.4 miles From £56.25
11. Honiley Court Hotel 

9 miles Map 9.5 miles From £54.17

Book Hotels
Your Suggestions!
What Do YOU Want to See at The Martial Arts Show ‘Live’?!
As the show is designed for YOU, we want to know what YOU would like to see at TMAS!

All of your suggestions are more than welcome…

To take part in our suggestions campaign, simply contact us either via email or by calling us at our head office… you will find our contact details below!

Whether it be to request a particular Martial Artist you’d love to meet, to tell us what specific types of demonstrations you would like to see or to even let us know what we can improve on from last year?! It’s completely up to you and we will do EVERYTHING we can do to bring you exactly what you want!

Make Suggestion
Follow Us on Twitter & Facebook!
Finding Out What’s Going On Couldn’t Be Easier!

We’ll be making regular updates through Facebook and Twitter.
How better to keep you guys posted on all the latest happenings than through Facebook & Twitter!

Now that the show is in full swing, we will be letting you all know as and when key features of the show have have been confirmed! Simply visit either our Twitter page or Facebook page, add us as a friend and you will be one of the first to hear about newly confirmed special guests, martial artists, exhibitors and more!

Visit our Social Networking pages by going to our website…

Link to Twitter & Facebook
TMAS Live Tournament Series
T1: TMAS ‘Live’ Tournament Series Launches Nov 28th 2010!

Only at the Wild Cats Arena in Nottingham! WWW.TMASLIVE.COM

Formerly the Robin Hood Series, The All New TMAS Live Tournament Series is a new approach to the open freestyle martial art tournament circuit in the UK. Tournament Director and Actress Zara Phythian joins up with Kwoklyn Wan of the Martial Arts Show and Paul Clifton of Combat Magazine to bring a tournament series that hosts an equal playing field for all competitors, whether they be athletes from Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or Black Belt divisions.

Although a freestyle tournament, the event prides itself on a quality traditional tournament format, and is recognised as the official team England qualifier for the WOMAA World Games and the Battle of Columbus OMAC World Games USA.

The 1st of the TMAS Live Tournament Series Begins Sunday November 28th, at the Wildcats Arena, Nottingham!

Series #1 Will Include


Based on the success of Zara Phythian’s Robin Hood Series, the TMAS Live Tournaments are designed as a National Tournament Event highlighting all levels of competition (and not just the elite black belts) for students and schools of all styles and associations without political bias and providing a professional showcase for the grand finals of the event at Europe’s biggest Martial Art Spectacular, The Martial Art Show Live!

We invite all schools and associations to take part in a fun, healthy and friendly martial art tournament series and welcome everyone to the new way, that is – TMAS Live!

More Info

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