MADNESS RELEASE …‘THE GOGGLEBOX’ 4 DVDs of pure Madness through the years


4 DVDs of pure Madness through the years

Welcome to the story of Madness. ‘The Gogglebox’ comprises 4 DVD’s that encapsulate the story of one of the UK’s most loved and most successul bands over a career spanning three decades, from the touhful exuberance of ‘Take It Or Leave It’ to the startling return that was ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’, this collectors edition, available only through the band’s website at is a must have for any Madness fan.

The four DVDs contain a host of unseen footage from the Greatest Hits ending in addition to the full album show to the Hackney Empire launch of ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’, directed by the legendary Julien Temple, to a comedy pilot involving the band writtten by a youthful Ben Elton and Richard Curtis pre ‘Blackadder’ and worldwide fame. You can see Madstock 2009 from the fan viewpoint, with footage delivered by fans re-edited to create a concert film from 20 angles and get your mitts on the unavailable anywhere else ‘Take It Or Leave It’, the film that replays the early days of Madness (with a little dramatic licence here and there). Or you can journey to the Camden Crawl and watch the band return to their home turf on the back of a double decker bus to play to a packed (and closed) Inverness Street. With a host of extras and much more content besides (including the Light Bar launch of ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’ for good measure), ‘The Gogglebox’ is Madness in audio- visual form.

Full Content is as follows

DVD 1 –          Julien Temple’s ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’ at Hackney Empire

‘Show Time’, The Greatest Hits at Hackney Empire

The Making Of ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’

DVD 2  –           ‘Take It Or Leave It’

DVD 3  –           ‘Madstock 2009’ – A Fan’s Tale

DVD 4 –           Madness Comedy Pilot 1984 (Ben Elton and Richard Curtis)
The World Tour Of Camden 2009 – Madness at The Camden Crawl

‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’ at The Light Bar

The Making of Madness on Gold – 2010 UK Gold Comedy Season

The Making of the ‘Dust Devil’ Video


This box set is only available through and is of limited quantity.
Madness will return in 2011 with a new album, more details soon.
For More on Madness                                      –           LOUDHAILER PRESS

Lewis Jamieson                                                           – 

07718 652582




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