Joshua Moore – Guitar

David Stephens – Vocals

Kyle Pavone – Vocals + Keys

Andrew Glass – Bass

Lou Cotton – Guitar

Eric Choi – Drums



We Came As Romans are a force to be reckoned with. Having mastered the art of self promotion and self booking early on, the band has since garnered a colossal fan base and kept themselves on the road, only stopping long enough to record. Tireless and tour-hungry, We Came As Romans are pushing the envelope, combining influences such as the intertwined singing/screaming vocals of Underoath, the theatrical, orchestra-infused metal of Chiodos, the crushing breakdowns of The Devil Wears Prada and the positive lyrics of August Burns Red on their debut Equal Vision release, To Plant A Seed.


Working with producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa, Attack Attack!) To Plant A Seed is laden with intricate guitar riffs, both moshtastic and melodic breakdowns, and commanding screaming from vocalist David Stephens tempered with co-vocalist Kyle Pavone’s adept singing voice.  Just as important as the musical content, the message behind the music is something the band holds dear.


To Plant A Seed embodies a really strong message we’ve always held as a band and that’s the simple fact to just love other people and to love in general,” explains Joshua Moore, guitarist and key lyricist of the band. “Hopefully this album will plant a seed, or idea, of love into people’s minds. The whole concept is that hopefully the practice of loving other people will only grow.”


The artwork of To Plant A Seed, done by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Chiodos), also ties nicely into this theme.


“The artwork features an innocent looking boy, with a seed that has been planted in his mind and it grows to his heart and out of his palms, becoming branches. It combines both the literal and figurative interpretation of the concept with the seed literally growing out of his palms and the idea of love from his heart is branching out to others,” states Andrew Glass, the group’s bassist.


The love has certainly already begun with the release of their EP Dreams. When it was first available for free on purevolume.com in December 2008 there were over 50,000 downloads in the first week alone and skyrocketed to over 85,000 downloads in the first month. We Came As Romans fan base has already grown exponentially (5+ million MySpace plays in their short existence), and the highly anticipated To Plant A Seed will surely keep that fire going.  Carrying the same heaviness and energy of Dreams, individually each member has improved their musical and vocal abilities, making them tighter and fuller sounding than ever before.


“This album has everything that we wanted to do with our music given the time and the right tools to do it. We took a lot of different genres and influences and bled them all into one – it ranges from super heavy stuff to super radio-friendly pop,” says Moore. “We even explored the world of strings and brass and combined elements from all over to create a really full sound.”


We Came As Romans also deliver a refreshing lyrical perspective. Although they don’t label themselves a Christian band, the positive message they want to put out there is inspired by the idea of being good people and loving one another.


Moore states, “Whenever religion is brought up there’s always reason to argue. Love doesn’t have an argument; everyone wants to love and be loved.  We decided if we’re going to have a band, we need to have a meaning behind it. I don’t think there is any greater meaning than to keep on spreading the idea and concept of love.”


Having toured with The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Gwen Stacy and The Word Alive among others, they have proven their ability to win over any and every audience. We Came As Romans pour their hearts out every night on stage and take “giving 100%” to the next level.


“When kids come to see us, they already know what the songs sound like and know what they’re going to hear, it’s what they want to see that matters. We seriously give everything into making every show the most heartfelt and real show that we can give,” says Moore.


Sacrificing education and personal finances, We Came As Romans give their all in To Plant A Seed, and hope you take the album as more than just what’s on the surface.


“We gave everything we had into this album.  We dropped out of college. We literally gave everything in our life away to make this band work because of the message behind it. It wasn’t for fame. It wasn’t for money,” explains Moore. “I want people to enjoy the music for what it is and realize the meaning; hopefully it’s something that hits close to home.”


Spread the love and make sure to catch them this fall on tour with The Chariot and again this winter with I See Stars. If you haven’t already, you’ll certainly be hearing a lot about We Came As Romans soon. Trust.

# # #





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