Massive new lineup announcements for Bloc

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Massive new lineup announcements for Bloc

If the lineup for Bloc.2011 gets any more awe-inspiring, we may all have to take shelter underneath our kitchen tables and sit there hugging one another, moaning softly for March to jolly well hurry up so that we can get rigid then floppy then rigid again on the only dancefloor in the galaxy that really matters.

This fresh wave of new announcements includes the Modeselektion stage, curated by those magical creatures Modeselektor and headed up by the stone-cold techno talent of Ben Klock. It features the hitherto hidden emotive dancefloor talents of Jamie xx, headlining the Numbers stage. Today’s announcement speaks of techno harder than it is possible to comprehend with a human head, in the form of Oscar Mulero, and bass so deep as to be off-putting to the ears of a whale, in the form of the Iration Steppas.

Bloc calls from far and wide to welcome summer holiday good-vibes crew Outlook, technological conneiseuers Bleep and the turbo techno warriors of London Plex to bring their own wondrous vibes to the fifth birthday of the Bloc. And there’s plenty more techno. To find out more, read on;

The Advent / Oscar Mulero / Billy Nasty / A Guy Called Gerald / DJ Funk
ModeselektionBen Klock / Modeselektor / Apparat / Ramadanman / Ikonika / Siriusmo
OutlookGentlemen’s Dub Club / Iration Steppas / Redlight / Kenny Ken / Top Cat / Exodus

Jamie XX / Rustie / SBTRKT / Numbers DJ’s


Ancient Methods / Silent Servant / Datassette / TVO / Plex DJ’s


Special Headliner TBA / Kyle Hall / Luke Abbott / Boxcutter


Christmas giveaway – win a four berth apartment!

To celebrate the season of goodwill, the recent snowfall, the Chilean miners escaping, the doubling in population of endangered Rhinocerouses in the wild, Bloc’s new lineup announcement with loads more techno and just about everything that’s good and right in the world, Bloc is going to be raffling off a four berther to one lucky competitor.

If you want a chance to kick back and get fresh at the baddest festival of 2011 with three of your mates, then all you need to do is click here to visit the fab Bloc fan page on facebook and tell us why you deserve it. The winner will be the most compelling and creative answer. Don’t forget to get the pals you want to take with you to ”Like” the post.





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