Shaun William Ryder Career-spanning collection released

Career-spanning collection released
by Rhino on 13 December 2010

One of the few truly iconic British frontmen of recent times, the inspirational Shaun William Ryder has haphazardly but enthusiastically blazed a trail that many have followed. Now for the first time, the greatest moments from a career like no other have been made available on one album. XXX – Thirty Years Of Bellyaching is released on 13 December 2010 by Rhino [Cat. Nos: Physical 5052498218820 / Digital 0825646791378]. Ryder himself said, It’s been an interesting journey, people have always bet against me but I guess that now I’ve reached this point I’ve proved them wrong. I’ve had a colourful life played out in the tabloids, but music’s always come first and it’s great to pull it all together here.

Renowned for his wit and swagger at the helm of the seminal Happy Mondays as they ram-raided the charts with a slew of classic singles, it was Ryder who encapsulated the anarchic humour at the band’s heart. Formed in 1980, the band comprised Ryder, brother Paul on bass, guitarist Mark Day, Paul Davis on keys, drummer Gaz Whelan and, latterly, the irrepressible Bez. Releasing their first single through Factory in 85 – after winning a battle of the bands at The Hacienda – the Mondays defined an era. When the band split in 1992, he returned – Bez in tow – with the exuberant Black Grape in 1995, immediately scoring a number one album with It’s Great When You’re Straight. After the second Black Grape album Stupid Stupid Stupid fared less well, the band folded in 1998. 1999 saw the Happy Mondays get back together for a year, before imploding again.

Ryder’s next move confounded many; in 2001 he appeared on Russell Watson’s debut album performing with the tenor on Barcelona. In 2004 the Happy Mondays reformed again [and still perform on occasion]. In 2005 he recorded Dare with Gorillaz for their gigantic debut album Demon Days. This was followed in 2007 by a new Happy Mondays album Uncle Dysfunctional.


Happy Mondays – Wrote For Luck; Happy Mondays – Step On; Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro; Happy Mondays – Loose Fit; Black Grape – Rev Black Grape; Black Grape – In The Name Of The Father; Black Grape – Kelly’s Heroes; Happy Mondays – Hallelujah; Happy Mondays – Bob’s Yer Uncle; Gorillaz – Dare; Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People; Happy Mondays – Sunshine And Love; Shaun Ryder & Russell Watson – Barcelona; Happy Mondays – Judge Fudge; Black Grape – Get Higher; Black Grape – England’s Irie; Shaun Ryder – Close The Dam

XXX – Thirty Years Of Bellyaching collects together, for the first time, the remarkable output of a truly maverick creative character. An anti-hero in the classic British mould who has been paid his dues and been taken to a nation’s heart, Shaun William Ryder is a true one off, and this album celebrates him.

For more information or to request an interview please contact Chris Hewlett on 0845 601 2833 or




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