Frankie and the Heartstrings Exclusive Premiere of the ‘Hunger’ video!


Hello everyone!

We have two short but very exciting pieces of news to share with you, so strap in and sit down.

Firstly, whilst you were enjoying your Christmas dinners and such, we were slaving away at making a pop video for our new single ‘Hunger’. This video will be available for the world to see soon but there is a way you can see it sooner!

We are premiering it to our Facebook fans now, which means all you have to do is ‘like’ the page to watch it. Click here to do that quicker! We promise it will be worth it. It features a Robert, a robot and some rabbits.

The second important bit of news is that we have an album out soon – which isn’t strictly NEWS because we’re sure you’re already aware that ‘Hunger’ is out on the 21st of February, but did you know that if you pre-order the album before the 21st from HMV you can get it for the completely reasonable (we might even say bargain) price of £4.99!

You can pre-order from HMV by clicking this very sentence.

We said two bits of news, so this last thought is a summary… we are on tour soon, and tickets are on sale now. You can get all of that information on the website:

That’s all of this instalment. Prepare for more news soon!



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