Bloc 2011 sold out / fancy dress announced

Bloc 2011 is sold out!

Thankyou so much to everyone who has bought tickets. A very limited number will go back on sale. To get on the cancellation list, please email

With the subject line ‘cancellations’ including your phone number and requests for tickets.


Del n RodCrowd

Fancy dress theme at Bloc is

‘Heroes and Villains’

The Sunday theme of the 2011 Bloc festival fifth birthday will be Heroes and Villains. Think superheroes, supervillains, evil witches, knights in shining armour, cruel mistresses, admirable rotters, amiable Trotters, tyrants of yesteryear and mythical Gods of ancient times.



Bloc all-stars added to the lineup

Ceephax Acid Crew / DMX Krew / Radioactive Man / Jerome Hill / Dexorcist / Lusinda / ADJ / 214

What a treat to be able to reinforce the backbone of the fifth birthday with some absolute top-trump Bloc favourites. We are thrilled to welcome back into the fold some of the artists who have provided the standout sets from previous Blocs – get in!



So much more going up on the site

Even if we do say so ourselves there are some fantastic mixes, tracks, interviews and features going up on Bloc’s official site every day.

Our esteemed partners Hyponik are hosting a brand new Venetian Snares track for you to download, we have interviews with Mark Archer of Altern-8 and The Bug and mixes from previous years galore. Check it all out and bring a bit of the Bloc into your lives.





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