Twisted Sister- Still Hungry” – 20th Anniversary re-record

Still Hungry” – 20th Anniversary re-record

On 30 May 2011, Eagle Rock’s Armoury Records is delighted to release at mid-price “Still Hungry” [Cat. No. ARMCD540]. “Still Hungry” is a complete re-record [with extra tracks] of the album which was Twisted Sister’s biggest seller, and was released on Atlantic in 1984.

Never happy with the production on the original album, in 2004 the band took the opportunity to completely rerecord the album for its 20th Anniversary and this time produced it themselves. The new version included tracks that were dropped from the original release and brand new bonus tracks. It is this version which is now being reissued on Armoury Records at mid-price. The Line-Up for this album was Dee Snider – lead vocals, Jay Jay French – guitars, Eddie Ojeda – guitars, Mark Mendoza – bass and A J Pero – drums.


1) Stay Hungry 2) We’re Not Gonna Take It 3) Burn In Hell 4) Horror-Teria: (a) Captain Howdy (b) Street Justice 5) I Wanna Rock 6) The Price 7) Don’t Let Me Down 8) The Beast 9) S.M.F. 10) Never Say Never 11) Blastin’ Fast & Loud 12) Come Back 13) Plastic Money 14) You Know I Cry 15) Rock ‘n’ Roll Saviours 16) Heroes Are Hard To Find

Part of the ongoing Twisted Sister reissue campaign, this release offers a great way to pick up a key album from a truly seminal rock act.




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