Nazareth announce new album

Big Dogz – new studio album

“Big Dogz” is the killer new studio album from the unstoppable Nazareth [Cat No 0206418ERE, CD; 0206419ERE, 2CD; 0206420ERE, Vinyl & CD] released on 18 April 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. The tenacious Scots have chalked up more than 60 million sales in over 40 years in the business, been covered by fans Guns N Roses and toured almost incessantly: few bands deliver a rock song better than these guys. Founder member Pete Agnew says: “They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I don’t agree. We’ve got some tasty bones here!”

Led by Dan McCafferty, one of the warmest and roughest voices of rock, and Pete Agnew, Nazareth have a true gang mentality and live for the fans, the shows and the music. Jimmy Murrison has now clocked up a decade on guitar, while Agnew’s son Lee is the drummer for his 2nd time studio album after the sad death of founder member Darrell Sweet after the release of the album “Bugaloo”[1998].

Standard CD, CD1 of 2CD set & Vinyl: 01. Big Dog’s Gonna Howl / 02. Claimed / 03. When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again / 04. Radio / 05. No Mean Monster 06. Time And Tide / 07. Lifeboat / 08. The Toast / 09. Watch Your Back / 10. Butterfly / 11. Sleeptalker
CD2 of 2CD set: Disc 2 01. Big Boy* / 02. Simple Solution* / 03. My White Bicycle* / 04. Love Hurts* / 05. Open Up Woman* [acoustic recordings from 2000]

Nazareth approached the recording simply: no tricks, no studio gimmicks, just the real authentic sound of the band. They relocated to Prague and wrote with the aim of bringing back the real spirit of rock and roll. That’s why “Big Dogz“ immediately hits the mark. Mixing up the furious rock and roll of “The Toast,” adventurous ballads like “Butterfly” and belters like “Radio“ or “Big Dog’s Gonna Howl”, makes this album an instant classic. They mean every note and every word. This is a lesson in rock and roll which underlines how intensely have Nazareth lived their 40 years in music. This album stands comparison with the million-seller of 1975 “Hair of the Dog”; these “Big Dogz” bite! • earMUSIC is a project of Edel • Contact:



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