Take That Ticket Burning Angers Fans

Take That Ticket Burning Angers Fans


A public burning of Take That tickets had angered fans of the band before their second live show at Aston Villa tonight – Tuesday 28th June.


The brmb Shadow was responsible for the burning yesterday and threatens the same today. The Shadow is ‘available’ everyday in Birmingham in a secret location and if found can win the spotter thousands of pounds. The prize pot is a total of £20,000.


The extra incentive was a pair of Take That tickets which he threatened to burn if he wasn’t found by a specific time and spectacularly torched the tickets when no-one found him.


Fans bombarded the station with a range of complaints from threatening to alert the band and their management to expressions of outrage that the tickets were wasted and could have been used in a variety of creative and helpful ways.


Station managers have been taken aback by the ferocity of the response but are keeping the ‘Shadow’ on the streets of Birmingham.


Programme Head Paul Kaye says: “Thousands of people are looking for the brmb Shadow and he will be ‘live’ out there. Nonetheless we have taken some security arrangements to ensure that he isn’t mauled by angry Take That fans.”




Date 28/06/11


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