Gloucester Guildhall Presents KAI FISH (MYSTERY JETS)

Gloucester Guildhall Presents




Life In Monochrome is the debut album of in-demand writer, and member of indie-pop royals Mystery Jets, Kai Fish.

His first solo endeavor is a highly personal record of sweeping, cinematic, pop, which sees Fish coming firmly into his own as an accomplished artist and songwriter.

As bass player and one of the creative driving-forces in the Mystery Jets throughout the bands three acclaimed albums, Fish has always been a prolific songwriter in his own right, having written or co-written many of the bands most well-known tracks, as well as independently penning tunes for the likes of Mark Ronson and The Count & Sinden. While the songs on Life In Monochrome communicate with some of the Jets’ signature traits of expertly crafted melody and a quirky playfulness, they are also of a distinctively personal and introspective nature, drawing influence from a wide lineage of great British songwriters, from the likes of Ray Davies to Damon Albarn.

The album was born out of a period of great change and turmoil in Fish’s life, having gone through the breakup of a 6 year relationship, and into a one which quickly led to marriage and a relocation to Paris, a place he dreamed of living as a teenager, within the span of 3 months.
There, driven by an outpouring of inspiration (most of the albums lyrics were written during a single train journey) and an urge to bring his recent experiences and reflections to expression, he set up shop in a small, intimate studio, with the help of friend and mentor Hervé, where he was joined by a host of guest musicians and friends to help realize his vision, including Californian producer Dean Reid, Mystery Jets members William Rees and Kapil Trivedi, Lisa Wisznia of French group Elephant and singer Sophie-Rose Harper.

An ambitious and sonically inquisitive record, Fish reveals himself as a versatile pop maverick, from the blues-tinged country rock of Dig Your Own Well, Gorillaz-echoing acoustic melancholia turn anthemic rocker of Real Life, to the soulful, backyard lament and cathartic guitar assault of album centerpiece Cobalt Cheeks.


Saturday 10th December // Tickets £7.50 // Doors 7.30pm // Over 14s


For tickets visit Gloucester Guildhall’s Box Office, call 01452 503050 or book online at Tickets are also available from the Tourist Information Centre on Southgate Street.




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